• Grading System

    1.  The Central Dauphin schools use a 100-point system of evaluation with 60 as the lowest passing grade.

    2.  Numerical grades may be equated to performance level in accordance with the following criteria:

    a.  90-100/SUPERIOR -Awarded for exceptional achievement to those pupils who:

    (1) Display a high degree of originality in the application of what has been achieved and who have a thorough mastery of essentials.

    (2) Produce distinguished, outstanding work characterized by accuracy, neatness, promptness, organization and undertaking.

    (3) Accept responsibility, are attentive, and make the best use of their time.

    (4) Are regular and systematic in the preparation of assignments.

    (5) Are able to work without supervision in the preparation of assignments.

    b.  80-89/ABOVE AVERAGE - Awarded to pupils who have:

    (1) A mastery of essentials.
    (2) Initiative and originality in the application of principles and skills.
    (3) Carefully and regularly prepared assignments.
    (4) Excellent record of class participation.

    c.  70-79/AVERAGE - Awarded to pupils who:

    (1) Have required work completed on time.
    (2) Show honest effort.
    (3) Are able to grasp main ideas.
    (4) Apply skills and basic knowledge.
    (5) Can follow direction and leadership.
    (6) Make steady progress.

    d.  60-69/BELOW AVERAGE - Awarded to pupils who:

    (1) Make only minimum preparation.
    (2) Are ineffective in the mastery and application of basic skills.
    (3) Are poor in organization of work and the use of time, even under the direction of teachers.
    (4) Make erratic and very slow progress.
    (5) Follow directions poorly.

    e.  0-59/FAILURE - Awarded to pupils who:

    (1) Have little understanding of basic ideas.
    (2) Show little or no progress.
    (3) Fail to follow instructions.
    (4) Fail to prepare required work.
    (5) Are unwilling to cooperate and to accept responsibility.
    (6) Fail to participate in class discussions.
    (7) Waste time.
    (8) Have poor work habits.

    f.  Temporary Incomplete Grade (1)

    (1) Any pupil who fails to meet a major requirement for a subject will receive a temporary incomplete grade (1).

    (2) The major requirement must be acceptably completed within a period of twenty-five (25) school days form the time the assignment was originally due.

    The foregoing characteristics are to be considered as a guide in awarding grades.  Any one or group of these descriptive statements may enter into the determination of a grade.  These characteristics are not necessarily listed in the order of their importance, nor should it be mandatory that each one be satisfied in order to award a particular grade.

    Cheating/Plagiarizing:  Any pupil caught cheating on tests or plagiarizing papers will receive no credit for the work.  In determining averages, zero (0) will be used as the numerical grade.

    Elective Sequence:  In elective sequences:  Algebra 1 to Algebra II, Foreign Language 1 to V, Account 1 to II, pupils with a final average of less than 70 are urged not to take the next level subjects.

    Summer School:  Pupils who fail a subject can remove the failure only by going to an accredited summer school or repeating the course during the regular school year.  If they are successful in passing the course, they will then receive credit.