• Linglestown Middle School Physical Education Department

    Physical Education Rules & Regulations


    1.     All students must change for Physical Education. They are not allowed to wear their school clothing for class. Proper dress code for P.E. includes:

    -         plain white t-shirt with their last name on the back. (No tank tops!)

    -         shorts—any color, but they must fit properly and be in school dress code

    -         socks (white) and sneakers (The sneakers must have laces and be tied at all times)

    -         Sweatshirt (only for classes that are held outside when the weather is cooler)

    -         It is recommended that long hair be tied back for better participation.


    2.     Absolutely no jewelry of any kind may be worn during class. All jewelry must be removed prior to the student entering the gym. Students that do not comply with this policy will not be allowed to participate in class and will receive a zero for the day (No exceptions!). This is a liability issue. We appreciate your help in explaining this to your child.


    3.     Each student is assigned a locker and a lock that they are to use during the class. Students are required to:

    a.      Memorize their lock combination and keep the assigned locker for the duration of the school year.

    b.     Lock their belongings before, during and after class (school clothes, purse, and jewelry).

    c.     Take their PE clothes home and regularly clean them.

    d.     All students are encouraged to take their P.E. clothing home, not to keep it in their locker. If they choose to leave it, the possibility of having something stolen is ever present. In the event that the student has no clothing for class we cannot know whether the things were actually stolen, misplaced or at home. As a result the student receives a zero for the class period.


    4.     The PE Department is NOT responsible for any items left unlocked or left behind after class. We cannot possibly police each student to make certain that they put all their clothing in their locker or in their bag to go home and lock their lock. We do check the locker room periodically between classes and at the end of the day to secure lost  items, retrieve the locks left on the benches, and lock the locks that are hanging open. But it’s the student’s responsibility to keep track of their lock and their belongings. 


    5.      Excused from Physical Education:

    a.      Parent Note: A parent note will be accepted for two consecutive periods for the same “situation.” After that a doctor’s note is required. The note should be taken to the nurse before homeroom.

    b.     Doctor’s excuse: After two days with a parent note the student is required to have a doctor’s note. If they do not have a doctor’s excuse they will receive a zero for the class. Also, if a student is going to be out of PE for an extended period of time he/she should have a doctor’s excuse.

    c.     We have the student, if capable, perform some type of adaptive activity (walking, officiating, scorekeeping). The student can not participate until date listed on the doctor’s excuse or if we receive another note from the doctor stating they are well enough to participate.


    6.      It is your child’s responsibility to:

    a.      Exhibit proper behavior in the locker room and in the classroom setting.

    b.     Dress properly for class.

    c.     Participate to the best of their ability.

    d.     Respect their peers and the staff.

    e.      Cooperate with their peers and the staff.

    f.       Adhere to class rules.


    7.      Grades are based on:

    a.      Preparedness for class.

    b.     Participation & Effort.

    c.     Written quizzes, tests or worksheets.

    d.     Skills Tests.


    8.     Absolutely no running in the locker room or hallways (stay off the bench tops).


    9.     No touching other students or their property at any time.

    10.   No chewing gum. This is a safety issue.