Swatara Middle School

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Friends Club


   The purpose of the Friends Club is for students to encourage each other and share the gospel with their peers. During the school year, the Friends Club usually meets after school on Thursdays for prayer/ worship, games/ice breakers, and devotions from 2:35 - 4:00pm. Additional activities are taking time to talk about God, getting together to work on service projects, and having an end of the year party. Some of the service projects we have done in the past are: passing out candy canes with the candy cane story, jellybeans with the jellybean story, Rita's ice for sports teams, and a prayer walk.  In addition, the Friends Club has also taken the opportunity to help serve meals at the Bethesda Mission and to make a meal for those currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

If you have any question about the club or are interested in joining the club, pelase contact the faculty advisor, Miss. Kratz at jkratz@cdschools.org  or by calling 939-9363 ext. 76112.