Art Club


       Art club began October 2, 2001. It was formed in order for Swatara students, who had a high interest in art to be able to explore, develop, and experiment with new materials and art techniques.


       The requirements were that the students:

    • must have a high interest in art
    • should have some creative ability
    • should be interested in new ideas
    • should be responsible
    • should be highly motivated

       There are presently sixteen students in the club that meets every Tuesday after school. Some students have been focusing their abilities using clay techniques. Slabs, coils and pinch pots methods of construction have been used to create unique works of art. Students have created figures, vessels, and dome lights. Other students are involved in the process of weaving. Several materials such as reeds, yarn, and metal are being used to create textures, colors, and patterns. Students' work will be displayed periodically through out the year.