• 6th Grade
    The sixth grade Technology Education course introduces students to be basic concepts of technology. 
    Introduction to Technology
    In the first unit, students will learn the definition of technology as well as how technology impacts their daily lives, their society, and the world around them.
    Students will learn how to read a standard (customary) ruler. Students will learn how to read and apply measurements to 1/16". 
    CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design. The students use AutoCAD software to create drawings. These are engineering drawings that require the students to follow specific instructions and procedures. This is a problem-solving program. The students are shown how the program tools work. The student is then required to figure out how to complete the drawing.
    Computer Graphics Design
    This unit explores how computer graphics are developed. The students will use the application Inkscape to create designs. The students will complete this unit by designing a sticker. 
    Land Transportation
    In this unit, students will explore the basic concepts of transportation on land, as opposed to on water or in the air. Students will investigate the forces that affect land vehicles through experiments with Lego building sets. The final challenge is to create a Lego dragster that is powered by a tape measure. The student teams race their dragsters head-to-head to see which team has the fastest car.