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    Welcome to the Red Team   

    Home of the Red Dragonsdragon
    Suggested reading list for incoming 7th graders: Click here for a list of titles for incoming 7th graders.

    Materials needed for class:
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Notebooks or loose-leaf paper
    • Binder/Trapper Keeper with 5 sectional dividers:
      History, English, Science, Math, and Reading 
    • Scientific Calculator 
    Your child does not need the following items in school:
    Please do not send the following items to school:
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • White Out
    • Gel pens
    • Markers/Sharpies
    • Glue
    Materials suggested for completing special assignments at home:
    poster boards
    colored pencils or crayons
    glue stick
    index cards 
    Red Team Teachers
    The best time to reach us is between 8:40-9:15 am.
    545-4709 ext. 414
    Diane Ludlow Rm. 214
    545-4709 ext. 418
    Steve Grubb Rm. 218
    545-4709 ext. 416
    Rm. 216
    545-4709 ext. 410
    Sharon Davis
    Rm. 210
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