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    Nurse's Corner
    !Healthy Students Learn Better!
    Amy Hershey, RN, Certified School Nurse 
    717-545-4709, ext 338, Fax:  717-704-8494
       Our school has a health program that is designed to improve, protect, and promote the health and well being of students and staff.
       Emergency care, and care for your child if they become ill in school, is provided.  We also provide yearly screenings and health counseling for various child and adolescent concerns.
    Our health office is staffed by LeeAnn Blatt, RN, Certified School Nurse.  It is both rewarding and challenging to work with middle school students.  Please feel free to contact her by calling the school at 545-4709 ext 338 or by email at lblatt@cdschools.org with any questions or concerns.
    Our goal in the health office is to provide a healthy learning environment for students by helping them learn and practice healthy behaviors in their daily lives.  In turn, they will hopefully grow to be health conscious, responsible, productive adults, capable of making good choices throughout their lives.