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     Business Courses at CD East Middle

    Mrs. Denise Downing, dldowning@cdschools.org 

    Grade Course Information
    6th grade has Keyboarding or Business 6 for 36 days or one fifth of the school year.  Students improve their keyboarding skills for future classes at the secondary level and learn how to create effective presentations.

    7th grade has Business 7 for 45 days or 1 Marking Period.  Students will learn fundamental skills in both Word and Excel Microsoft software packages.

    8th grade has Compuverse for 90 days, 2 marking periods or 1 semester which is half of the school year. 
    Compuverse is an exciting new class that is designed to introduce students to computer science, coding and programming and to help them to gain valuable 21st century job skills
    All Business classes are held EVERY cycle day

    Computer keyboarding is taught in both grades. However, it is first introduced in 6th grade with focus on the proper techniques of keyboarding, improving speed and accuracy. MicroType 6 is the program that we use that provides supervised practice designed to reinforce best practices.  Time will be spent developing proper keyboarding techniques and for the continued improvement in keyboarding skills leading to mastery. 

    Regardless of what a student's ultimate career goal may be, keyboarding and computer skills are essential to students in  preparation for their careers and personal lives.  These skills, learned today, will help open the doors to success for everyone tomorrow.
    Skills taught in all of the Business classes will be used by all students in high school and beyond.