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General Information

A Message to Parents

Education comes only from personal effort.  The school can provide opportunity and assistance.  The school cannot do its best work without the cooperation of the home.  Parental cooperation involves:

1.  Checking on the pupil's home study, providing a quiet place for it, and seeing that it is done well.

2.  Giving attention to report cards.  Report cards are distributed every nine (9) weeks.

3.  Visiting the school.

4.  Seeing that social functions do not interfere with the pupil's studies and rest.

5.  Assisting in impressing the fact that school is the most serious business of any child and demands the best effort of the pupil.

6.  Trying to discover interests and capacities of the child.  Help make plans for the future.

7.  Taking an interest in his progress throughout the year.

8.  Discussing school programs with the child.

9.  Seeing that he gets enough sleep.

10.  Watching the health of the child.  The adolescent period is one in which careful attention should be paid to health, mental and physical.

11.  Reporting to the school any physical or mental handicaps under which the pupil may be laboring.  Poor hearing, bad eyesight, nervousness, etc., should be reported.

12.  Assisting in maintenance of regular attendance.  Parents sometimes unthinkingly keep pupils out of school for trivial reasons.

13.  Encouraging habits of promptness, obedience, courtesy and respect for authority and property.

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Accident Insurance

There is no reduction of premium for coverage during part of the year.  While it is recommended that all pupils be protected by this accident coverage, it is a school requirement that a pupil must have purchased this protection, be covered by equivalent insurance, or sign a waiver before he may participate in any extracurricular activity.

The Central Dauphin School District Board has approved the following policy regarding school insurance and participation in extracurricular activities.

"All pupils, in order to participate in any of the extracurricular activities of the school program, must be covered by pupil insurance or parents must certify to equivalent coverage under private insurance policies, or sign a waiver."  A form will be provided upon request to certify this coverage.

Coverage includes the regular school sessions, going to and from school and all school-sponsored and school-supervised activities except interscholastic football on the senior high school level.

The Central Dauphin School District will not be responsible for medical or dental expenses incurred by pupils participating in extracurricular activities, including athletics, that are in excess of the coverage provided by the required school insurance.

In the event of an accident, the pupil is responsible to notify the teacher in charge, so that an accident form may be completed and submitted to the school nurse.  Failure to do so may result in loss of benefits.
For Accident Insurance Information click here.

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Appearance and Dress

1.  Standards for personal grooming and dress shall respect the following requirements:

a.  Accessories or items of apparel which distract from the educational program shall not be worn.

b.  Clothing and hair shall never be worn in a fashion that presents a hazard to the safety of any pupil or groups of pupils.

2.  It shall be the responsibility of the building principal to exercise fair and consistent judgment in determining when violations of Item 1, (a) and (b) have occurred.

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Admission to the Elementary School Building

Children are admitted to the school building fifteen (15) minutes prior to the beginning of classes.  Parents are asked to cooperate in having their children arrive during this fifteen (15)-minute period.  Pupils transported by school bus will be admitted to the building upon arrival.  Kindergarten children who ride in private cars should be picked up promptly at dismissal time.

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Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Notification

Click here to view the Annual Notification Letter


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Class Gifts to Schools

Class gifts presented to the schools must be approved by the administrative team.

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Copyright law prohibits individual use of recording devices during performances.

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Daily Time Schedule

Elementary Time Schedule - All elementary schools will begin at 9 a.m. and dismiss at 3:45 p.m.  Morning kindergarten will begin at 9 a.m. and dismiss at 11:45 a.m.  Afternoon kindergarten will begin at 1 p.m. and dismiss at 3:45 p.m.  Elementary schools operate on a five-day cycle.

Secondary Time Schedule - All middle and senior high schools will begin at 7:45 a.m. and dismiss at 2:30 p.m.  Secondary schools operation on a six-day cycle.

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Dauphin County Technical School

Career and technical education is offered through the Dauphin County Technical School program.  The school offers a one (1) year exploratory experience followed by a three (3) year approved program.  Approximately fifty percent (50%) of the time is spent in vocational shops or laboratories; the remainder in general education and related traded courses.

Trade courses offered include shop or laboratory and theory work in the following areas:  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Auto Body and Finder; Auto Mechanics/Technology; Building Construction and Maintenance; Carpentry; Child Care Attendant; Commercial Art; Cosmetology; Drafting and Design Technology; Electrical Construction and Maintenance; Electronic Technology; Food Service; Graphic Arts; Health Assistant; law Enforcement; Marketing and Distributive Education; Masonry; Ornamental Horticulture; Precision Metal Working; and Scientific Data Processing.

All interested students should secure an application form from their school counselor.  Students identified as special education may attend Dauphin County Technical School with all services and programs provided.

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Dress for Physical Education Classes

Your child will be involved in a physical education program.  Many activities are planned for his/her education and physical development.  On the day your child is assigned a gym period, he/she will be required to have athletic shoes.  Although these need not be new, we ask that they have adequate shoe laces and they be sturdy to avoid accidents.

Girls, in addition to sneakers, are asked to wear shorts, slacks, pant skirts or culottes that allow free movement for active play.  Students who must wear glasses for class are asked to wear elastic guards to hold their glasses secure during activity.  These can be purchased from any sporting goods supply or can be suitably homemade.

Physical education classes missed for unexcused reasons may be made up as per the policy of the school.
Please see your school/teacher website for PE rules and regulations.

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Equal Opportunity School District

As an equal opportunity employer, the Central Dauphin School District offers instructional programs and employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, ancestry or physical handicap.

For the benefit of all students and employees, the Central Dauphin School District has a formal grievance procedure designed to protect individual rights in all situations including Title IX.

For information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, and services, activities and facilities that are accessible to and useable by handicapped persons, contact the Office of the Superintendent, Administration Building, 600 Rutherford Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109, (717) 545-4703.

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We discourage individual pupils gifts to teachers.  

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Gold Card

Any district resident who has reached their sixty-fifth (65th) birthday may apply for a "Gold Card" pass to all district-sponsored events.  All members of the "Gold Card" club are entitled to free admission to Central Dauphin home athletic events (except PIAA playoffs), to selected plays and musical productions, and reduced fees for adult education classes.  "Gold Card" applicants may visit the Administration Building to apply for a "Gold Card".

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Lockers (Secondary)

Each pupil is provided with two (2) lockers, one (1) for street clothing, books, etc. and the other for gymnasium equipment.  Combinations for hall lockers will be supplied by homeroom teachers.  It is the responsibility of the student to properly secure the gymnasium locker.  

Lockers must be kept in order and locked at all times.  Under no circumstances should a pupil give the combination of his/her locks to others.  If pupils have trouble with locks, they may be exchanged for locks in good working order.  Damaged or bent locks will not be replaced.  Schools will not be responsible for losses from lockers.

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Lost and Found

Any article that is found and judged to have value should be turned in to the office and an effort will be made to have lost and found items returned to the owner.  The district is not responsible for items brought to school.

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No Smoking Policy

The use of tobacco by students, employees and visitors while in the school buildings, in school vehicles, in Landis Field complex or in any other district outdoor bleacher and playing area is prohibited.

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Parent-Teacher Association/Organizations

These are organizations composed of parents and teachers interested in promoting the welfare of the youth of this community.  The bylaws of these associations list further objectives as raising the standards of home life, securing adequate laws for the care and protection of youth, bringing about closer relations of the home and school, and uniting the general public and educators to secure the highest advantages in physical, mental and spiritual education for every child.  Contact your school for more information.

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Return Check Charge

Payments made to the Central Dauphin School District with non-sufficient funds will be turned into a collection agency and assessed a twenty five dollar ($25.00) return check charge.

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Safety and Security/Crisis Management

The Central Dauphin School District has been focusing and will continue to take steps and actions which will prepare an effective response to the types and levels of crisis which can effect our schools.  We are taking a pro-active stance both to lessen the likelihood of a crisis and to prepare our administrators, staff and students for managing a crisis effectively.

As a part of its commitment to enhance school safety for students and faculty, the district has initiated a new picture identification system.  Each of the district's 1,500 employees has received an IDenticard photo badge, allowing for easier identification of employees by students, parents and co-workers and emergency services personnel.

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Safety Patrol

The safety patrol is composed of responsible children on duty in sufficient time before and after school to help insure your child will arrive safely at school or home.  All pupils are expected to obey the school patrol to help insure their own safety.  Parents should plan for their children to arrive at school during the time patrols are on duty.

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School Awards (Secondary)

A.  Athletic Letter and Certificates:

1.  Coaches shall recommend to the Athletic Council the names of those team members who merit the athletic letter.  Such team members shall have participated in at least half of the total number of quarters, innings or matches scheduled for the season in that sport.  If, in an exceptional case, a coach feels a letter shall be awarded to a pupil failing to meet the above criteria, the name of said pupil shall be submitted to the Athletic Council for appropriate action.

2.  Letter winners must complete the season in good standing.

3.  A letter will be awarded the first time a pupil has qualified.  Thereafter, said pupil will receive a certificate signifying the requirements of a letter award have been met.

4.  The head team manager shall be eligible for a letter providing he or she has served in this capacity for two (2) years.  There shall be only one (1) head team manager.

B.  Other school activities for which junior high school pupils shall be awarded certificates are:  School Play, Student Council, Newspaper, Public Relations Club, Audiovisual Operators, Band, Chorus, Operetta, Cheerleaders and Stage Crew.

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Study Trips

The school district will be taking students on study trips from time to time as part of the curriculum and will not be seeking specific parental authorization for those trips.  Parents will be informed of these trips.

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Building Visitation

Upon entering the building, please stop in the office and secure a visitor's pass.

Parent Visitation

The administration and faculty of the Central Dauphin schools wish to support home/school cooperation.  In order to make your visit to school more profitable to you and to us, and safe for all students, we ask:

1.  Please schedule your visit in advance.  A phone call to the principal's office will alert all staff of your presence.

2.  Special education classroom visits are scheduled through the respective special education supervisor.

3.  If you desire a conference with a teacher, make an appointment through the office.  Classes will not be interrupted for this purpose.

4.  All visitors must register in the office and obtain a visitor's badge.

Pupil Visitation

1.  Pupils from other school districts are not encouraged to visit the Central Dauphin schools.

2.  Pupils from the Central Dauphin School District are not encouraged to visit other schools or schools within the district.

3.  Younger brothers or sisters shall not be brought to school to visit.

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Harrisburg Area Community College

Central Dauphin School District is a sponsoring district of the Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), a two (2)-year community college located in Harrisburg.  The district assumes responsibility for one-third (1/3) of the tuition of district residents.  In order to qualify for the special tuition rate, students must present proof of residency in the Central Dauphin School District.  Persons must reside in the district for a period of six (6) months prior to enrollment at HACC to qualify for a residency certificate.  Certificates of residency may be secured at the District Administration Building at 600 Rutherford Road, Harrisburg, PA.  

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