Central Dauphin East High School

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Quality to the Core

The Student Assistance Program is a way to help high-risk teens who are having school-related problems because of alcohol and/or drug use, and/or who are at risk of suicide and other mental health problems.  It is also a method for intervening and referring these students to appropriate community services.  It is an intervention, not a treatment program.
SAP Referral Form 15-16 - For teacher and guardian use

For information or referral, please contact one of these STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM-trained individuals at CDEHS:
             Mr. Andrechik, Assistant Principal 
             Mrs. Arcuri- SAP Coordinator                        
             Mr. Barnhart, School Psychologist
             Mr.  Bubnis, School Counselor                
             Ms. Burwell, School Probation Office                          
             Miss James, School Counselor                                  
             Mrs. Palmer, Behavior Specialist                                  
             Mrs. Paul, Spanish Teacher  
   Mr. Richter, Health/PE Teacher   
             Mrs. Sirb, Transition Facilitator 
               Mrs. Traynham-Sanford-School Nurse                              



Last Modified on September 23, 2015