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In January 2011, the Central Dauphin School District (CDSD) Enrollment & Building Study Committee, met to begin an initial study of current and projected future enrollment.  This committee, comprised of parents, community members, teachers, building principals and central office administrators, also reviewed projected student capacity and developed preliminary recommendations for the Board of School Directors.


The information generated caused concern in the community about school closings or re-alignments. Please understand that this process is being conducted in order to consider all available data in generating recommendations to the School Board with respect to a more efficient use of our buildings.


The purpose of the committee was to generate ideas and to evaluate those ideas based on a comprehensive list of criteria. Recommendations by the committee will be evaluated and any viable options will eventually be brought before the Board and later to the public in a workshop format. The board may then make a decision to accept a particular recommendation or not to accept any recommendations.


While the work of the committee is complete, the administration continues to evaluate the recommendations proposed by the enrollment study committee. The initial meeting minutes remain posted on the website. Please know that when the initial recommendations were posted, it was with the understanding that these were simply ideas being generated.  Those options are currently undergoing the process of evaluation based upon a set of critical criteria. Many of these recommendations will eventually be set aside simply because they fail to survive a lengthy list of educational requirements. This is a long process and we are just beginning to scratch the surface. We ask for your understanding as we make every effort to honor the integrity of the process.

Last Modified on June 6, 2012