The mission of the Purchasing Department is to provide high quality supplies and services to support the educational process of the Central Dauphin School District in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Tara Olvera, Purchasing/Warehouse Supervisor

Prospective Vendor Information Form should be sent
to Tara Olvera via email or faxed to 717-214-5207

All proprietary information for a Bid or RFP for Central Dauphin School District must be clearly documented on the submitted Bid.

Request for Proposals

Digital/Multifunction Copier RFP.  Proposals are due no later than 10 a.m. on November 2, 2016.  Proposal specification may be obtained by emailing Tara Olvera at tolvera@cdschools.org.
Question/Answers and Appendix A

Submitted by

Jennifer Lieb – Phillips Office Solutions


One more question...can you tell us what the volume is for color?  We understand that the rental agreement should include unlimited copies, but it is necessary to have some idea of volume to provide a basis for pricing, as color costs significantly more for service and supplies.


This question was submitted late and we are under no obligation to respond.  However, we will give the current volume information of color MFP only, an estimated 2200 copies/month.  The RFP request for one (1) 60PPM Color MFP will not be effected by the removal of the colored lasers in the buildings as response from question Q12 (shown below). 


Q12.       Does the District plan to remove any printers?  If so, can you provide an estimated number of printers that will be removed and associated volume? This could potentially have a significant impact on the volume being done on the MFPs as prints migrate away from individual printers.

A12.       The District plans to remove one color laser from each of the schools and administration totaling 20 units.  We also plan to remove an additional black/white laser from each school totaling 19 units.  The equipment minimum specifications were based on the volumes in the present locations with room for growth. The volumes from the removal of these printers will be pushed to the Copiers/MFPs on location and/or in proximity of other printers in the building, Copy Shop and the use of electronic technology. Color copying needs would be directed to the Copy Shop. 


None Available