Chambers Hill Elementary

6450 Chambers Hill Road Harrisburg, PA 17111 • 717.561.1655

Quality to the Core


Sara Grab, RN, CSN
Virginia Swank, RN 

 (717) 561-1655
Fax Number:  (717) 216-4661
 Health Room Events:
June: 6/8-Last day of school.  Please pick up your children's medication and cough drops from health room by this date.  Please remember that a new doctor's order will be needed for all medication next school year. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!
April:  4/18-Fifth and fourth grade Growth and Development lectures.
March:  3/10-Kindergarten Registration, 3/16-School Dentals 
February:  School Physicals 2/10/17 
December:  Screening results of height, weight, vision, and hearing will be sent home with students.  Any student who failed their vision or hearing test will have a referral card mailed home.  Please return referral card to nurse after student is seen.   
November:  Students in Kindergarten-please turn in physical and dental forms for this school year.  Students in Third Grade-please turn in dental forms for this school year.  A letter will be sent home to those who are missing them. 
October: We will begin screenings this month.  Each student will get their height, weight, vision, and hearing checked.  Also, a letter will be sent home at the end of the October to student's who are missing immunizations.  Please send in current immunization records to the school nurse. 
September: Welcome back! Here are some information and reminders to start off the school year.  Any students who will need to keep medication at school will need a doctor's order and needs to be kept in health room. Cough drops also have to be kept in health room but only need a parent permission note.  Remember, please keep your child home from school if their temperature is above 100 deg. F.