• Welcome to the East High Soccer Booster Club
    The booster club would like to welcome you to the Booster Club page.  This web page will provide players and parents with important information for both the boys and girls teams.  Below is information about the coaches for both teams along with the booster club officers this soccer season.

    President:       Dawn Harlacher              email:  dlharlacher3@gmail.com                

    Vice President:    Steve Vajda                     email:  vidablue45@comcast.net                               

    Treasurer:           Kathy Sherrick                  email:  kathysherrick@verizon.net

    Secretary:          Denise Calamia                 email:  deecal11@aol.com

    Concession Stand:  Open at this time                     

    Fundraiser Chair:  Open at this time

    Boys Coach Contacts:
    Dave Kern (Head Coach):           dave@cityislanders.com
    Nick Noble (Assistant Coach):     njnoble1@yahoo.com
    Tim Schultz (JV Coach):              Schultze52023@gmail.com
    Girls Coach Contacts:
    Ian Kauffman (Head Coach):       ikauffman@cdschools.org
    Mike Labe (Assistant Coach):      mlbe@comcast.net
    Mike Lowe (Assistant Coach):      mlowe@cdschools.org