Four Diamonds


  • General Membership Applications click here

    If you were a member last year, please fill out a new application and reapply.  We are looking for members who attend meetings, volunteer, contribute ideas, follow school rules and are good citizens of the school and community.


    Committee Chair Applications click here

    Chair people are leaders who can communicate with the school administration as well as the faculty and students.  These students should not be overscheduled with too many activities and be willing to work hard to make our organizations a success.


    Overall Co-Chairs click here

    Ideally, we would like one junior and one senior so that when graduation comes, someone who has experience is ready to lead the group the next year.  Overall chairs should be good commnicators and have a good working relationship with the administration.  A good working relationship with Dr. Rawls is essential.


    Please print the application of your choice and turn in to the main offce labeled for Four Diamonds or into the Guidance Office also labeled Four Diamonds.

Last Modified on April 8, 2018