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    Homework--How can parents help

    1. Choose a Homework Helper—designate someone who can help with homework. Choose someone who is knowledgeable about a subject or someone who is available during homework time. This homework helper may be a family member or someone outside the family.

    2. Designate a Homework Time—choose a homework time which allows your child to unwind after school, yet allows adequate time for homework completion. This time should remain the same each night.

    3. Designate a Homework Spot—create an office or homework station where your child can work free from distractions. This study center should be well-lighted, quiet, and should provide access to needed materials and adult help, if needed.

    4. Stay Involved—show an interest and be involved in your child’s education. Check her/his planner each night to ensure that assignments are being completed. Contact your child’s teachers right away if you have a concern regarding your child’s progress.

    5. Praise your child-reinforce homework successes with positive comments.

    6. Check the Homework Calendar—daily, on the team web page. Parents and students can check the calendar daily after 3 PM to verify homework assignments for the day.  These are great resources to compare with what is written in your student’s planner. They can also be used when your child is absent so that he/she can get a head start on what was missed for the day.
    Parents may contact the team at 540-4606.
    Mrs.Thompson mthompson@cdschools.org  phone ext. 74159
    Mr. Rosler srosler@cdschools.org phone ext. 74165
    Mrs. Farmer afarmer@cdschools.org phone ext. 74171
    Mr. Drahovsky ddrahovsky@cdschools.org phone ext. 74161
    Mr. Schreffler tschreffler@cdschools.org phone ext. 74134
    For important school dates at CDMS, see the school calendar on our home page.
    Homework is posted by each teacher on the Homework/Calendar page