Central Dauphin Middle School

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Quality to the Core

Teachers of the Silver Lions
Grade 8
 Mrs. Gensimore

Social Studies

Mr. Jones
Mr. Mariano
Students are responsible for writing their assignments for each class in their planner on a daily basis.

Homework--How parents can help:


1.  Choose a Homework Helper—designate someone who can help with homework.  Choose someone who is knowledgeable about a subject or someone who is available during homework time.  This homework helper may be a family member or someone outside the family.


2. Designate a Homework Time—choose a homework time which allows your child to unwind after school, yet allows adequate time for homework completion.  This time should remain the same each night.


3.  Designate a Homework Spot—create an office or homework station where your child can work free from distractions.  This study center should be well-lighted, quiet, and should provide access to needed materials and adult help, if needed.


4.  Stay Involved—show an interest and be involved in your child’s education.  Check her/his planner each night to ensure that assignments are being completed.  Contact your child’s teachers right away if you have a concern regarding your child’s progress.


5.  Praise your child-reinforce homework successes with positive comments.


6.  Check their Planner—The Homework Hotline and Calendar are great resources to compare with your child's planner.