• Homework

    Homework is considered a fundamental part of the learning activities for students in the Central Dauphin School District. 

    Homework assignments should be related in a meaningful way to the classroom instruction and reasonable in time requirements.  A minimum of home work should be assigned in primary grades with increased amounts, as necessary, up through the grades.  The purpose of homework assignments should be clearly understood by the students.  The teacher is responsible for carefully planning assignments and clearly presenting them to students.  Homework standards should take into consideration individual differences of students, normal home resources and the time impact on students.

    1.  All pupils will be expected to do a reasonable amount of homework.

    2.  Homework should be assigned with a definite purpose and reason for its assignment.

    3.  Homework may be given to reinforce a learning experience or concept developed in school.  The amount should be no greater than that needed to fix a concept.

    4.  Positively no homework or in-class assignments shall be made as a form of punishment.

    5.  All homework should be carefully reviewed by the teacher and the student following its completion.

    6.  Homework assignments should be readily completed with resource materials the students normally possess or which are easily available.