• Time Allotted for Make-Up Work

    Upon returning to school from an excused or unexcused absence, pupils are expected to meet with their respective teachers and plan completion of the assignments missed during the period of absence. The following time guideline shall be observed when scheduling deadline dates for completion of make-up work. Students have one school day to make up work for every day they are absent.

    1. Unusual circumstances may require special consideration and adjustment of the time allowed for completion of make-up work.
    2. Failure to complete assignments accurately in accordance with the above schedule may result in pupils receiving a failing grade for minor requirements or grade of “I” for major requirements.
    3. Pupils who are absent from school at the end of the fourth grading period are required to make up work in accordance with the schedule above except that “week days” (excluding holidays) shall replace “school days.”
    4. Secondary students absent for one (1)-two (2) days should-contact a classmate or teacher at their school email address to secure assignments.
    5. Secondary students absent three (3) or more consecutive days may phone the guidance office to request homework assignments.