7th Grade World History
     Course Guidelines and Expectations


    Course Description
    This social studies course traces the development of ancient civilizations and their influence on modern times.  The 7th grade world history course focuses on the development of cultures and their contributions to government, language, religion, science, and technology from the first known civilizations to the Renaissance, Reformation, and age of exploration.  This course is designed to provide students an appreciation of the history, themes, and transformations that continue to make up our interrelated global society. 
    Human Heritage, A World History.  (see the "Textbook" section of Mr. Leitzell's webpage)  
    Textbooks will not be issued to all students this year as all relevant textbook chapters can be found in .pdf format on this website (see the "Textbook" section Mr. Leitzell's webpage).  However, if you would like to request a textbook for use at home, you can definitely sign one out.  Students signing out textbooks will be held responsible for the care of the books.  Obligation fees will be administered for lost, stolen, or damaged textbooks. 
    Grading System
    The following grading system is used throughout the Central Dauphin School District.
             A = 100% - 90% (Superior)
             B = 89% - 80% (Above Average) 
             C = 79% - 70% (Average)
             D = 69% - 60% (Below Average)
             F = 59% - 50% (Failure)
    Grade Weights
    The following represent the weights of each grade per marking period. 
                Major Performance Tasks and Tests = 50%
                Minor Performance Tasks and Quizzes = 25%
                Classwork = 12.5%
                Homework = 12.5%
    Late Work
    The earned percentage grade will be reduced by 10% for each day late, up to 3 days.  After 3 school days, late work will no longer be accepted.  Absentee late work will follow district guidelines as mentioned below.  
    Absentee Policy
    You will be responsible to make up any work missed during absences.  You have 1 day to make up work for every day you are absent.  Anyone absent for 1-2 days should contact a classmate or teacher at their school email address to obtain assignments.  Individuals absent 3 or more consecutive days may call the guidance office to request homework assignments.
    Academic Integrity
    Cheating is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated!  This includes copying, word for word, from websites, textbooks, etc. in the form of plagiarism.  It is your job to take sole responsibility of your education and credit the work of others by properly citing the work of others.  Students will not receive points on any assignment, test, performance task, or quiz in which they have copied the work of others or were caught cheating.