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    The rash of social media posts that we began seeing in Dauphin County and surrounding counties earlier this week continues to circulate in multiple school districts statewide and nationwide. Please continue forwarding posts that concern you to your school principal. We turn every one of them over to our law enforcement partners for investigation. As stated in the joint law enforcement statement that we have posted on our website, many of these are duplicates or updated versions of widely circulated previously posted messages. For example, a post circulated last evening in our area and sent to the principal of Swatara Middle School (SMS) appears to be a direct reference to another school district and a middle school with the same initials. We have reported it to the local police. 

    Our law enforcement entities and the District and school administrators continue to receive reports and investigate each one. Officers will continue their increased presence in and around our schools as they deem necessary. Thank you for your patience. 
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    The statement below is a joint statement from:

    The Swatara Township Police Department 

    The Lower Paxton Township Police Department

    The PA State Police

    The Central Dauphin School District

    The Central Dauphin School District has been working with the Swatara Township and Lower Paxton Township Police Departments to look into numerous social media postings in relation to the safety and security of our schools. Numerous postings have been attributed to a person or persons re-posting information that is old and has already been investigated and cleared. To date there have been no credible threats identified. We understand that everyone is in a heightened state of awareness about these issues and we encourage people to share credible information with their local police departments.  Both departments along with the Pa. State Police are being pro-active and will continue to have an increased presence at all our schools within the school district to address any and all concerns.

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    RE: Rumor of Threat to some CDSD Schools


    On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, a posting to a social media website called SnapChat began circulating among school students in our area. In the post, it was alleged that the person who wrote the original message heard that “someone was going to shoot up a school.” The allegation made a reference to CD East Middle and CD East High. Again, the person posting the message alleged that they heard this and then posted it. At no time was a direct or specific threat made to or about either of these schools or any other school in our district.


    The school principals immediately contacted the Lower Paxton Township Police who began an investigation. The principals assisted in the investigation to the extent possible.


    The police believe that this social media posting was part of a chain of rumors circulating throughout Dauphin County schools and other districts in surrounding counties.


    Out of an abundance of caution, police officers from every jurisdiction that covers our district, including Lower Paxton Township Police, Swatara Township Police, and the PA State Police, will have a presence at the schools today to the extent that they deem necessary in order to ensure smooth and safe operations at the schools.


    This incident appears to be the result of students passing along the unsubstantiated comments of others on social media. If, at any point in the investigation, the police believe that a credible threat exists, we will notify parents immediately and take any further action as the situation warrants.


    It is important for parents and students to understand that in this day and age of social media where rumors can run rampant, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Our district will always work with our law enforcement partners to accomplish that important task. We are thankful for the quick response and for the strong support that we have always received from these police departments.



    Dr. Carol Johnson, Superintendent

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  • 2017-18 CALENDAR (ADOPTED 2/27/17, REVISED 1/22/18)
    Last Day for ALL Kindergarten Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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  • Texas Roadhouse


    Please come out and support South Side on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at Texas Roadhouse.  Please present your server with the attached flyer.  



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  • RMH


      South Side PTA will be collecting can tabs for the     Tab

      Ronald McDonald House.  We will collect the tabs

      all year.  Please help us help the Ronald McDonald

                               house and save the can tabs!

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    Kindergarten registration for South Side will be held on Thursday, March 8th.  Please contact the office at (717) 657-3204 to schedule an appointment. 


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    School will now be in session on the following make-up days:
    February 19th
    March 29th
    April 2nd


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